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Thread: Add a texture (like photoshop TEXTURIZER filter)

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    Add a texture (like photoshop TEXTURIZER filter)


    a friend of mine asked me if it's possible to add a texture to an illustration like we can do with photoshop as there are no filters in Artrage. I just write this little paper so if it can help someone... (sorry for my english)

    PS : I'm sure most of you already know how to do that or maybe it can insterest only a few people, but maybe some can find it usefull...
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    C'est un très bon point.
    J'avais le même problème et je revenais constamment à PSD.

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    Thanks Cedric.
    Very simple to understand. Great job.
    Artrage does make it easy to add textures.

    Another trick in Photoshop you can use the selection tool to grab an area or the whole layer and then go to Edit>Define Pattern
    Then select another area you want to fill with pattern or select all for whole layer.Then use Edit>Fill> and choose fill with pattern from the pull down menu and find the pattern you made. It will fill the whole area with the pattern or texture.
    RobertSWade did a cool post on using old style canvas textures also.

    And ico dy gave us some cool textures to use in Art Supplies here:

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