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    Howdy! 'Anyone know if there's a way you can change the scale of a layer? Maybe change the scale of a template? That'd be really useful...

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    Hi sure you can change the layers scale, open the layers properties, there is an option "Transform layer content". You now get into an edit mode and on the bottom there are severals options to tweak it the way you like, including scale.

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    I've tried that. I can move it around, and make it bigger or smaller, but what I want to do is make it wider than taller, or taller than wider...

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    As far as I can tell, there is no easy way to stretch the dimensions of a layer by itself. What you could do is resize the entire painting and then copy the layer to your clipboard, then undo the resizing of your painting and then paste the layer you copied to the un-resized painting. I made a 30 second video, to show you what I mean: Video

    It'll be a bit of work if you're trying to get something to be just the right size though. It would probably be easier at that point to just export the painting and use another program to resize it and then bring it back into ArtRage.
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    I don't think there's a way to change the aspect ratio inside of ArtRage. What you can do is export the image and then use something like Irfanview or Photofiltre to accomplish that.

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    That's correct. Currently, while you can unevenly rescale the entire painting via "Rescale the Painting" in the Edit menu, and unchecking the "Keep the original painting aspect" box, there's no option to do this for the contents of a single layer.

    Someonesane's suggestion would let you do this, and you could use the method above when doing the resizing the painting part to make sure you stretched it in the way you wanted.
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