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Thread: BUGS! reverse of !SBUG hehehe never mind

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    BUGS! reverse of !SBUG hehehe never mind

    Hello ambient team! found two bugs i think.... but the second i am not sure if it will happen with you guys.... anyway first things first...

    the first is this one! the taper length of the air brush still have the same problem! like it jitters! i dont know how, i remember Andy or DAve said to turn off the autoflow... well its off... and still it had the same motion of jitter! maybe its happening with me, stupid lovely tablet :3... i posted a shot.

    now for the second bug! the glitter tool! if you set any setting, mine is pressure 50% glitter size 25%and the rest are set to zero... now how to get the bug, first use the pen (tablet) using only light pressure to draw few glitters, and when you use the mouse, you get the same amount of glitter, though you should have them more!! does it happen with anyone! so i wont consider throwing my tablet, cause its my first tablet (with money i worked hard for!actually wasnt hard, but my first own money made by me! nevermind) and i have no money!

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    I get the same thing with the air brush. I haven't tried the glitter thing yet.
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