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Thread: So... what's on the roadmap? :)

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    Mar 2007

    So... what's on the roadmap? :)

    Just wondering what's going on with development of ArtRage.

    What features are being worked on?

    Can I try them in a beta version?

    Shall we see simulated splatter and watercolor? Shall we have more blenders? Shall we enjoy multi-tool support? Shall we achieve world peace and FTL travel?

    O Creators, bestow your wisdom on and share your secrets with your faithful!

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    Mar 2006
    Ambient Design
    ArtRage 3 is under development. It's going to have many new features that artists have been asking for.
    But it's still quite some time away from completion.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    Oct 2007
    NC, USA
    I'm sure it'll be great. Don't forget the option to change the stencils transparency :wink:, lol.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    Mar 2006
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Sounds awesome, Andy.

    Even though the completion of AR3 is still a long time away, I hope you can spill some of the stuff we should look forward to before too long. I'm eager to hear what you have in store for us. (well, I think we all are, haha)

    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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    Mar 2006
    Ambient Design
    We'll start spilling the beans on ArtRage 3 earlier than we did for version 2.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    Apr 2006

    Any chance for floating pallettes?

    I love the user interface you guys have given to ArtRage, but there are times when I wish I didn't have to go all the way to the bottom corners to grab that color or change tools. Would it be possible to give users the option of moving these pallettes out of their nested locations and for them to have the ability to be moved around the screen (out into the center of the screen)?

    Thanks for considering it.

    John Ward

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    That's exciting to know the V3 is coming.

    Please be advised a few interface improvements:

    1. shortcut "B" for resize the brush (because it's close to space bar and other common shortcut keys)

    2. for canvas rotation, it's "alt+space", and "shift+space" for zoom.
    But for stencil, rotation become "ctrl" ; zoom become "alt", that's confusing.

    I would like to suggest keep the way we rotate canvas(alt+space),
    but "ctrl+space" for zoom (ctrl is easier to find and "shift" is usually considered for "move")
    And same for stencil.(with or without "+space", both works)

    3. simple selection tools and the move/rotate/zoom tools

    The other functional improvement will also be highly appreciated.
    You guys do a good job, I keep recommend this nice software to many others.

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    few other thoughts jump to my mind

    how about:

    1. press "shift" down with the current stroke, it become eraser
    release the shift, tool will switch back
    (of course, "shift+B" for resize the eraser will be a good combination)

    2. please find the bug showed in attached picture, that happened to many brushs

    3. Can we improve the line quality when use stencil?
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