Hi all.
We're putting together some ArtRage content for one of our partners.
We'd like some content from the ArtRage community forum users, and we're happy to pay the creators of anything we use.

What we need:

Tutorials: For example, how to use Rulers to do perspective drawing, or how to use stencils created from your layer to do masking, or how to use layer blending modes to do something interesting. That type of thing.
Format should be simple text, with included PNG screen-captures. We'll put it in a PDF document ourselves.

Stencils: Crisp line-art stencils - groups of themed stencils. For example, a Halloween stencil set. Or an Easter stencil set. Or a set of 'Smilies'. Or symbol sets - music notes and symbols, traffic signs, that kinda thing. Or borders or corner detail sets.
Format should be PNG (not JPG!), and should be created about 2 or 3 times larger than you think they'll be used. Eg: If you create a stencil intended to be used to make things 100 pixels tall, the thing in the stencil should be 300 pixels tall. See the contents of the stencils folder installed with ArtRage for examples.

Paper textures: If you have scanned in or created an interesting paper or canvas texture, we'd love to included it. Seamless tiles are best.
Format: PNG images. We can create the canvas file to match.

Painting movies: If you've created a movie by capturing the progression of your painting we might like to include it.
Format: Around 5 minutes or less in length, high quality (we can recompress here).

Painting progressions: If you've done an intricate detailed painting, and captured several steps in the process, send it to us.
Format: PNGs or ArtRage PTG files.

Really Cool ArtRage Paintings! If you've done a detailed painting, using lots of layers, blend modes and techniques, we might like to include it.
Format: ArtRage PTG file. We'd like to show off your layers and techniques!

If you have stuff you think we might want, send an EMail to andy@ambientdesign.com
Small stuff you can include in the EMail. If it's larger than 8MB send me a smaller version and we'll work out how to get it to me.
If we decide we want to inlude your stuff, we'll make you an offer of money so we can have the right to use it.

Please dont post the content in this thread - send it to me and I'll organize it.