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Thread: win art rage file not opening in mac art rage

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    win art rage file not opening in mac art rage

    I downloaded the free version of artrage for my mac and had been working on a painting. I send to my myself through e-mail so when I got to work I downloaded the pc version and played around with it there. When I left work this morning I e-mailed the file (as well as another painting) to myself and when I tried to open them in my artrage on my mac it could not do so. I find it strange because the painting I did on the mac opens on the PC verson but not the other way around. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks much

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    Hi there,

    Can you possibly send me one of the files you can open on the PC but not on the Mac to I can take a look at it here to see if I can find out why you're having the problem.
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    hi dave, thanks for the quick response.

    Im sending you over a file now. Should have it in a little bit.

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