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Thread: Transparent Export Not Working?

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    Transparent Export Not Working?

    I made some paper with zero opacity. It showed the gray checkerboard in ArtRage. (Very 2.0).

    I exported it to a PNG file. The PNG file has the checkerboard, but it is really there, i.e. an opaque checkerboard.

    I verified this by reading the PNG into PhotoShop and putting it on top of a layer containing some lines, and sure enough, the checkerboard covered them up.

    What am I missing, please?



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    Hi Ron,

    That rings a bell! If you're using a an old version of ArtRage 2.0, grab the latest updated installer from and install this.

    We found the following bug in 2.05 and fixed it with 2.2 and later versions

    'Fixed a bug that was causing checkers to be exported to the background of transparent PNGs. '

    If you're running the latest version ( 2.5.20 ) let me know, as well as the operating system you're using, and I'll check it out with you. Hope that's of some help!
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    That was it! I probably should have just upgraded on principle and checked. Anyway, good to go. Thanks!

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