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Thread: checking out the ambientdesign website

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    checking out the ambientdesign website

    and guess what i found! Tycho everywhere!!! lol

    the famous bite i guess its even in the update menu of artrage!

    here are more of the bite!

    some pop art bite

    and i notcied that there are similar things you guys are using now with artrage.... like the shapeshifter, now it can be called paint tube i wonder if the orb will be around! as a fur brush? (hope not, lets make our own fur! yeay!)hehe

    you guys must be real brain people to program artrage into such a simple thing!

    thanks again team!

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    Sbug teasing the ambient team again :wink:
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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