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Thread: Resizing (scaling) layers -what am I doing wrong?

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    Resizing (scaling) layers -what am I doing wrong?

    I'm only a noob here, and have only really started using Artrage, and am new to digital art. (I paint in traditional mediums) but I already have questions - I'll confine myself to just one here though. :wink:

    I created two paintings of the same subject nearly identical -one at a larger size (still trying to figure out size, dpi settings and resolution -- a topic I would love some help in) -- and the other painting is smaller. I did not resize the same painting.. they are really done as two separate paintings.

    I figured out how to use layers and (yay!) made part of the painting (eyes) on their own layer... and liked the eyes in my little version better... so I exported that layer and imported it into the larger painting. I "transformed" the layer and see options to slide this layer into place, to turn it, etc. -- but when I click on the magnifying glass nothing happens. -- I can't seem to make the layer "scale" or change size. -- It's only a tiny difference between the eyes in the first painting and the size of the second so I only need to adjust it a little -- help? All I have managed to do is line it up but not scale it.

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    Hi Starlightning!

    To scale the contents of a layer, you'd want to right click on the layer, select "Transform layer contents' ( sounds like that is what you are doing ), then click the magnifying glass in the toolbar. Now click and hold down the mouse button / stylus left click button and drag left to make it smaller, right to make it larger. Does that help? Let me know how you get on there.
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