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Thread: I am just curious

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    I am just curious

    When I look at all your paintings, I do have the feeling very often,
    that some of you are just drawing a new layer of ink on a taken

    I do not know if I should call it cheating! :-D

    Some paintings are quite close to a photography were someone
    just ran a Photoshop art effect filter on top of it.

    Anybody here who want's to to come out as somebody who
    just paints over photographies? :lol:

    As I mentioned above - I am just curious, because I like to
    classify my own abilities of drawing and painting.

    Are you all really are so talented realistic painters or are
    my drawing abilities so very bad?
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    There is a good amount of riding it close to the photograph. The tools allow for it. And people naturally like realism. So they just combine.

    Certainly doesn't mean it's the only or even the best way. But it allows many people a way to have a very satisfying experience, even with limited skills.

    It often used to be considered that the ability to get a photographic look represented years of training and so on. That measure has changed with technology.

    What has come forward is the ability to make satisfying images. They're picture makers. And at some point that gets better based on whatever their minds bring to the process.

    And. . . there are a lot of people with no training who have gotten really really good and able to see as artists based on their experience working with photos, They hit the end point enough times that they are able to get there without simply manipulating photographs.

    It's a new paradigm and path to the top of the mountain. Then it becomes a matter of what kind of images they put together, rather than a celebration of technical skill only. That's how I see it at least.

    The bar has been raised.

    On the other hand, many professional artists need to be able to do large volumes of work out of their head, like storyboard artists and concept artists and so on. And you can't substitute a technique that relies heavily on photography when you need that flexibility to just create out of your head.

    Getting from 'my head' to 'your head' is where the game seems to be going -- but we have better bridges now.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    greetings from germany:-)

    hi narf,
    i think, painting on top of a photo, is not very funny (for me)
    and even in this case many mistakes can occure.
    I paint since a few years and made a lot experiences, but
    i'am far far away to paint as well as a master. The more i paint
    the more i admire to the old masters! It seems they all was born
    with a brush in their hands. Okay, some of them (e.g. michelangelo)
    had a lot talent, but the most visits artschools. To paint a landscape
    it is good to know what a vanishing point is. To paint a face it's good
    to know something about proportions. To paint realistic, a lot more
    learning is needed. But.. is reality always perfect?
    I like to paint as a child, without asking is it right or wrong. All painting
    actions are allowed, except the one i think that is wrong.
    It's beautiful to paint thick strokes and smear the paint around. And
    it's very insane too, but very funny :lol: When i want to paint animals
    i like to draw as disney. You know the yellow dog pluto? He looks like
    a bean with four legs. I'm sure you can draw or paint a bean. Start
    with simple forms and combine them to beautiful monsters.
    The most important thing is: Play and have fun.

    Happy painting, Stimpy
    (Hope mei inglisch is not to bäd bikos eim a jerman tu) :mrgreen:

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