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Thread: Pressure Sensitivity Gone Haywire

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    Pressure Sensitivity Gone Haywire

    I have a Wacom Penabled Tablet PC running Vista. I've been using ArtRage 2 Starter Edition for several months and it's pressure sensitivity has worked flawlessly without needing special drivers.

    Recently however, I installed a photo editing package (the GIMP). In order to get pressure sensitivity working with it I had to install the Wacom drivers. So far, so good--everything seemed to be fine. That is, until I opened up ArtRage and found all the brushes behaving strangely.

    Instead of a smooth transition with pressure, I am now getting a somewhat jerky transition from light to hard, which makes it very difficult to get fine mid-range pressure control. I feel like I'll have to adapt to digital drawing all over again. I've tried playing with the options in the driver's control panel, but I can't seem to get things back to normal.

    Currently, it seems, my only fix would be uninstall the Wacom drivers and just let Vista handle things, but ideally I don't want to have to make the choice between ArtRage working smoothly and having pressure sensitivity in all other graphics programs. It may come down to that, but I thought I'd ask here first and see if anyone has a solution--or at least get a better understanding of what is going on from someone who knows about the different ways in which ArtRage handles pen pressure with and without Wacom drivers installed.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hi Nominal!

    As it's Vista, I'd recommend checking this first:

    Make sure you have the latest version of ArtRage ( 2.5.20 ). Then create a file called 'no_ink.inf' ( any file is fine, only the filename is important ) and place it in ArtRage's Resources subfolder.

    Now launch ArtRage. Doing this prevents ArtRage from automatically using Vista's Ink Services, and instead it uses the older Wintab standard which your other applications like the GIMP will be using ( which is why the GIMP didn't have pressure support without the Wacom drivers I suspect ).

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you for this post!!!!!

    I was getting those cruddy hard line starts and this just made the program work fantastic on my Gateway c-141xl. Beautiful!!!!

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