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Thread: Should I get the CD version or just download the software?

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    Should I get the CD version or just download the software?

    The only reason I'm asking is the CD version comes with a printed manual and some video tutorials. If all of that stuff is available for download (PDF and some video links) then I'll just get the $25 dollar version and download everything else. Any thoughts?

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    Hi there!

    This thread might be helpful to you, where I describe in more detail what is with the Plus version -

    There are similar tutorials available on the forums, just in the forum thread layout rather than .pdf ( see the Tips and Tricks forum ) and you can download the quickstart guide in html format from The manual is also available in pdf format as part of the version you download. While the CD version comes with 16 extra stencils and some tracing images, a large amount of similar content can be downloaded from other users from the Art Supplies forum.

    I'd say the main reason to purchase the CD version is if you want a physical product with a paper manual. If you get the download version, you can always back up your downloaded ArtRage installer, together with your registration key to a CD so that you have a physical backup copy. If you lose your installer, you can also download from us via our support page at
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