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Thread: Tablet PC Issues

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    Tablet PC Issues

    I downloaded the 2.11 Trial version for my Lenovo X41 tablet computer. (I'm running on Windows XP Tablet Edition.) It's a great app and does exactly what I want for a great price!

    However, I've run into 2 strange issues that are currently keeping me from purchasing:

    1) Whenever I'm drawing, the "Tablet PC Input Panel" shortcut (the little app that let's you bring up the text entry tool) pops up in the middle of the Art Rage window.

    2) Whenever I use the eraser button on my pen (it's not an eraser at the end, but a button on the side that changes the mode of the tip) after I erase something and release the button, Art Rage stops responding and I need to kill the application.

    Are these known issues? Are there workarounds? Aside from ignoring the shortcut and not using the eraser! : )

    Again great app - just want to know if there are fixes for these on the way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The input panel is probably set to allow a back-and-forth gesture to call the panel up. This is a nice feature, as you can summon the panel without clicking on an icon somewhere. However, as you are experiencing, when drawing, that same motion will bring up the panel when you don't want it to.

    I am not at my TabletPC now, but from recollection, you should be able to turn that feature off by clicking on the settings icon when you have the panel up.

    As for the eraser issue -- I have a regular eraser end on my TPC, and do not experience the problem you decribe. As a workaround, you could change tools and just use the AR eraser.


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    I have to agree with drzeller. You should be able to turn that feature off within the properites of the digitizer. I have a Gateway CX2620 but don't experience this problem. In addition, make sure you have the latest version of drivers for the digitizer. I've seen that this has helped others solve some of their pen problems although they weren't related to Artrage. On another note, how do you like your X41? That was my 1st choice in tablets but for economical reason I went with the Gateway. The Gateway is a beast when it comes to weight but otherwise is doing great.


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    I use a Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, and I've experienced the darned text input interface arriving at inopportune moments. It's simply a matter of switching off the gesture recognition (that's you waving the pen above the surface back and forth horizontally).

    I've not experienced any hassles with the eraser.

    My guess is that you've got to take a deeper look at your tablet pen settings. I'm sensing that there's some or other conflict going on there.

    And don't hesitate to buy this software. It's only US$20, and it does WAY more than Sketchbook Pro which is 5 times the price.

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