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Thread: Your comments please

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    toulouse france
    your work is very vibrant and i can feel "rage" and intensity.beautiful really see you ka
    life art sweet sun child night body ocean clouds silk colors blood bones heart pain love art:life,if you want to show my all and very different works

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    Your choice of colors and symbols are carefully selected and portrayed.

    This painting you titled "Conflict" didn't evoke to me the feeling of rage, or even a conflict from within... But perhaps of something exogenous, and of something lost.
    It also evokes, to me, a strong sense of self, of standing strongly and peacefully, amist opposition.
    I especially percieved that from the single leaf & treelike flower growing to the foreground of the homeland, standing tall & beautiful, green and lush.
    It portrays to me, HOPE. That is my humble perception of your painting.

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