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Thread: Floating Color Picker, Customizable Shortcuts,

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    Floating Color Picker, Customizable Shortcuts,

    Hello. I'm new to Art Rage. My main tools are Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, and so far I love the simplicity and the intuitiveness of Art Rage's UI for painting or sketching. Perhaps these have been suggested before, but I think the following will make Art Rage even more intuitive.

    Few things:

    Color Mixing Panel
    This would act similar to real-life mixing palette but also act as a color samples. One could put dabs of colors onto it for later use and also be able to mix them.

    Floating Color Picker with Color Mixing Panel
    It would be great to have a floating (moveable) Color Picker merged with Color Mixing Panel. The fact that Color Picker and Color Samples Panels are stationary and far apart from each other makes it unnatural for me. I noticed that Layers panel is the only one that is not stationary.

    Floating Water jar

    Customizable Shortcut Keys
    I am a big proponent of customizable keys. Current shortcuts are rather cumbersome on my workflow. Because of the layout of my keyboard and the tablet, I find myself constantly crossing my left hand over my right hand to perform some of the Shortcut Keys.

    Shortcut for clearing canvas/layer

    I hope this wasn't too much. Thank you for listening.


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    I think all these has been suggested before, but that doesn't make them bad suggestions at all. I certainly would love to see them all implemented along the way in future releases.

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