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Thread: Erasing Duplicate Layers...

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    Erasing Duplicate Layers...

    I'm playing around with ArtRage and found the following:

    On layer 1, I create several red paintstrokes.

    Now, if I add a layer and paint blue strokes over the red ones, I can then erase back into the red strokes no problems.

    If I delete layer 2 and this time duplicate layer 1 and then paint blue strokes over the red ones, when I erase back, this time ArtRage erases to white ?

    Why is this ? I would have expected to have erased what was on layer 1, ie. the red paint strokes.

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    when you start Artrage, the default layer has a paper setting with an opacity to 100%. If you add a layer, the opacity of the 2d layer is set to 0% (layer transparent). Now, if you duplicate the first layer instead of creating a new one, the layer wil have the same paper settings than the first layer, 100% opacity.
    If you use the eraser on a transparent layer, the layer under will appear
    if you use the eraser on a layer with a paper background to 100%, the paper will appear (the eraser does not erase the paper but only what's on the paper, like a real eraser on a real paper sheet)

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