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Thread: ArtRage Crashes on startup

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    ArtRage Crashes on startup

    Hello everybody,

    I just installes ArtRage on my PC (Vista Ultimate) and i have a problem.
    It doesnt actually crash, but when it starts up it immediatly checks for updates, well i dont have a problem with that but while it does that, ArtRage doesnt respond to anything, I cant cancel the updatecheck and it never stops checking so i cant turn it off. When i open Taskmanager it sais that ArtRage is active, but when i try to end process it suddenly sais that the program doesnt work. I have tried too reinstall it multiple times but it just wont work, even when i manually update it to (from 2.2) 2.5 it keeps having the same problem.

    Please help TY

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    Hi there,

    I wonder if you have any firewall software which might be stopping ArtRage from continuing further as it tries to check for updates. Here's a quick way to get around it though:

    I've saved an artrage.prs ( settings file ) with updates turned off.

    You can download it here:

    From the start menu, run "Appdata" ( Windows key + R to open the run box ). This will take you to your application Data folder. Inside that, open Local, Ambient Design, ArtRage 2, and you should see your current artrage.prs file.

    Make sure ArtRage is closed, then drop the prs file you just downloaded into that folder, overwriting the current one. You should now be able to launch ArtRage. Hope that helps!
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