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Thread: Slight bug I noticed.

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    Slight bug I noticed.

    Exporting an image, and saving it as .ptg (needs typing whatever.ptg in the file name box) results in program saving .ptg type file of 0 bytes size; ArtRage attempting to open it pops up "Generic Error" dialogue.

    Not exactly a vital issue, only happens when I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing.. :)

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    I can confirm this.

    CTRL+E, c:\test.ptg, Enter will result in a zero size file named 'test.ptg' in C: root. Filetype does not seem to affect the bug.

    Using ArtRage 2.5.20 on Windows XP.

    That'll bee one for our mate Dave_ResidentEvilBugHunter_Rage...


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    You're quite right. If you Export as Image, and instead of chosing one of the image types and typing a name, you manually enter filename.ptg, ArtRage won't save a valid file.

    The Export Image option isn't intended to save out ArtRage files, but this certainly isn't what we want to happen either ( 0 byte files ) so it's been added to the bug list for us to look at for a future update. Thanks for that!
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