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Thread: How Long?

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    How Long?

    Hi there.... I'm kinda new, posted a painting awhile back, then just went for reading the post's. I'm still playing with the ArtRage, now I'm working to get the new version, the $40

    How long does it take you folks to do a painting? I'm still working on working with layers.... I tend to try and do the whole piece on 1 canvas

    Thanks, Messy Painter.

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    It depends. People like michelangelo or reubens took a long time on their work sometimes weeks months or maybe a year. but look at van gogh or monet. they painted quite rapidly and finished some paintings in one day and look how beautiful their work is. it doesn't take long at all to finish a beautiful painting it all comes down to practice. I paint with one layer just because thats what im used to. look at my van gogh tribute in the gallery. I did that in one hour. so I guess it all comes down to experience. screw time! just paint. and your paint wont run out so you can perfect it. just dont erase. use white paint and the roller for mistakes. if you ever do traditional work. youll find that this teaches you alot of lessons. and also try mixing your paint yourself as well. find a system that works for you and stick with it. painting is a joy. Artrage is a joy. :wink:

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