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Thread: Photoshop Integration: Bugs & Feature Requests

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    Photoshop Integration: Bugs & Feature Requests

    First the bugs....

    Create a layer group, with a layer inside it. Paint in that layer. Then make the layer group's opacity 0%. If the image is now exported as a Photoshop file and loaded into Photoshop, all the layers of the group with no opacity will be empty. Obviously I would have expected the layers to have content, but hidden from view because the group opacity was 0%.

    Now the feature requests...

    I use ArtRage in conjuunction with other applications. Thus the saving to only the ArtRage format is very frustration. I prefer to save as PSD, and would very much perfer to have this easy to do - by just hitting Command-S.

    Same with opening: I would love for ArtRage to be able to open psd files directly, rather than having to 'import' them.

    In the same vein of saving to other formats... when exporting files, ArtRage always defaults to exporting to jpg. However, I never export to jpg, always psd, so having to switch this manually each time I export is frustrating. Other applications I've used remember these settings. So should ArtRage.


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    Good that you didn't get the bug that I got for your sake, but odd. Hrm. I've tried it on other files and it always turns out the same. I'm running ArtRage on OSX 10.5.2, you?

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    I'm running OSX 10.3.9 and do not have that bug.
    Transitioning between Photoshop CS2 and AR2.5 is flawless.

    It's also flawless at home running XP professional between AR2.5 and Photoshop 6
    ((yaya, I gotta upgrade...I've not worked up the courage to get my clockcleaned with the cost of that upgrade LOL)

    Version issue?
    Kathy LaFollett

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