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Thread: topic deleted?

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    topic deleted?

    one or two week ago, i've seen in the gallery a picture of a nude drunk woman with a bottle of alcohol over her head.. Altough the subject was someway ambiguous (against morals?), i found this picture aesthetically very interresting. I thought the name of the topic was "pink rose" or something like that?

    I'm now unable to find this topic back Has the topic been deleted? or am I very bad at using the search tool?

    Thank you if you can help me

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    Hmm... I'm not sure I've seen the image you are refering to. My guess is it may have been moved to the After 9 o'clock ( forum area, as that's where work of that nature tends to be posted.
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    Yeah, I think it's gone. Were it anywhere, it would be in the after 9.

    More than that is for the admins to say because I haven't a clue.

    Knowing this group of admins, though, I would guess it was removed by consent or even request of the artist.

    They struggled with censorship at all and came up with the after 9 section at the insistence of visitors and in light of kids using the product.
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    ok thank you all for your replies.

    I think it has been removed...

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