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Thread: Wacom & Eraser Selection

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    Wacom & Eraser Selection

    Hi there,

    I've just recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo Fun which has the Eraser built in, while this works in ArtRage2 I would like it if when the pen is "turned over" to use the eraser the eraser tool is highlighted. This would make it extremely useful for changing the size of the Eraser.

    At present the current tool is still highlighted meaning that if the size of the eraser is incorrect I need to select the eraser and change the size - making it a little frustrating at times.


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    Yeah, I've run into that issue a bit too. I agree that it would be helpful for it to change over to the eraser tool automatically in case one needed to change it's settings.
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    This was asked 5 years ago, and it still isn't changed.

    Could someone on the artrage team tell us why they don't have this feature? Photoshop seems to be the only program that supports this.

    I use brush size shortcuts very heavily, and if I can't use them on the eraser, the eraser on my stylus feels kinda useless.

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    Yes, it would be really cool if it automatically swopped to the Eraser tool when turning the pen over and then back to the previous tool again when flipping back to the pen tip end.

    As it is, I would note that when the Pen's "eraser tip" is engaged it will use the eraser settings that were set when the Eraser was last used as an actual Tool.
    Also, Shift + Click + Dragging Left/Right on the canvas dose still work to change the "size" of the pen's eraser tip when using that end of the pen.
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