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Thread: Layers; single or multiple. What is the right technique?

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    Layers; single or multiple. What is the right technique?

    Layers; single or multiple, what is the right technique, what is yours?

    Hi everyone.

    As you know the FULL version of Art Rage features using more than one layer.

    And this feature is of a great value to the digital artists,

    This feature helps you to be in the safe side, minimizing the probability of spoiling what is painted in the background of an work when you need to add some extra details.

    So, it is preferable to use a new layer to accommodate the new stuff rater than using the current one.

    Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the new additions, you can, completely, get rid of the whole layer and keep the layer(s) of the background unaffected simultaneously.

    Is it, always, necessary to use a particular layer for every part of your painting?
    And when it is advisable and not advisable to apply separate layers.

    Im, just, wondering about what the right technique of applying multiple layers is n what personally, your technique is.

    Willing to hear from you,

    Why can't I see the other forums.

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    Using layers is yet another tool to be used in any way that makes the final outcome better. Yes, I know it sounds vague-- however, this program is very close to being the real media including allowing you to be or not to be creative! To use or not to use the provided tools. To progress or revert. It can be overwhelming with so many choices.
    When I first embraced digital, it was on a Commodore 64 with a digital pad(can't remember it's name) that simply overwhelmed and intrigued me.
    Now we all have ArtRage and a choic of mouse or pad!
    Oh yeah, producing art is a lot like playing and playing and playing some more......
    You'll know when you get there!

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    I never really had the heart for layers until artrage. But now I find it helps me remember to work the background in first, then the middle, then the foreground. And, of course, it helps with cases of "muddy" paint when I want clearer values. So, yeah, I'm loving the layers.

    It's not much different than working with dried acrylic, or layering paper to add on content over already worked areas. So the concept isn't an unfamiliar one. It's just, when I paint with acrylic/oils, I'll sometimes forget to work in the background first and get started right on the figure... then remember. Which can be it's own drawma.

    I loves me layers, I sure do.

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    I love me layers too!!

    very useful process , especially when trying stuff out!

    dont like waht i done...then i just delete that layer!

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    I use layers for many reasons. I usually start with a layer for my pencil sketch. This allows me the freedom to play with composition, perspectives, scale, subject and so forth. If I get a composition I like but want to try different subjects I can sketch on different layers and turn on and off various elements to find what most pleases me. Once I get my sketch dialed in I can dive right to the bottom of the stack and start painting in a background. From there on it is a matter of experimentation as I go along. It has become for me almost an intuitive process without much thought to create a new layer at certain turns in the creative path. It allows me to explore a shift in color, texture, or tool type without risking my underlying work that I wish to keep. It is a good question to ask. I hope I have been helpful.
    Be well,

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    I actually don't use layers....ok that's a lie...last night I used layers for the first time but at some point soon in the painting, I will be merging the layers.

    The reason I don't use layers is because I tend to use the negative space of an object's background to sculpt an object's outside silhouette and I find layers get in the way of this interaction.

    I use layers in other applications but haven't warmed up to it in ArtRage. Like its been said before, it is just another tool. If the painting looks the way you want it, then who cares how many layers you used!


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    Wrong forum for this?

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    Moved to technical.

    Layers are whatever works for you and gives you the results you're after.
    They can be useful for putting detail in the foreground without affecting background. This could allow you to try different things in the foreground, or to make changes easily in the background. You can use them to sketch in reference lines overtop your main work area, then fade them out so they dont interfere while you're painting.
    Adding a layer lets you treat ealier paint as 'dry' to paint over, but you can go back to the lower layer and paint in the wet paint if you want.
    You can use a layer to give yourself a mixing palette which you can easily remove from your finished canvas.
    You can use a layer to apply a tint to the whole painting by choosing a paper colour, make the paper semi-transparent, and then use the layer opacity control to affect the amount of colour overlayed.
    And as ArtRage matures and gets more features, you'll find many many uses for layers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rezidue
    Wrong forum for this?
    I had no choice.

    Still I can't see the other forums.

    because clicking the link " Ambient Design Forum Index" which is next to the "New Topic" icon at the top of the forum takes to no where.

    Ill be back.

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    I personally plan to use as many layers in my paintings as I feel I need.

    Like you, I don't want to wreck somethng that I'm happy with, and layers are a great way to experiment to see what works and what doesn't without sacrificing something you like.

    be nice if you could name layers, but just HAVING layers in this great creative tool is a huge benefit.


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