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Thread: Feedback requested--Addition of a digital "frisket"

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    Feedback requested--Addition of a digital "frisket"

    My apologies, in advance, if this has already been covered...but I would love to see a "frisket" feature added. Anyone who has used an airbrush (as only one example) in the real or digital world knows the production value of this kind of tool. Of course, its application extends far beyond the creative realm; it would increase the value and competitve advantages in using ArtRage. Has this been discussed before? If so, I would appreciate feedback from both ArtRage and its users regarding how interested they would be in seeing/developing this functionality.


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    ArtRage 2.5 Full edition has friskets and masks. They can be used in combinations and moved around like real-world friskets.
    They can also be set to work as an outline tool - like french curves - for helping with drawing lines and curves.
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