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    OK i just started at Christmas and still, I am not great at painting from scratch and generally i trace an image and stylize it in my own manner.

    Yeh, cheating is a bad habit of mine lol.

    Heres an example of one of my traces:

    And here then an example of one of "my own":

    So please view these and then comment and give me some tips on painting from scratchbut not look crappy.

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    Practice, practice and more practice. And don't give up or be afraid to try different styles. Don't be afraid to share with the people in artrage. They are kind and honest. And they will give you all the support and suggestions to help you along.

    Hugggggs to all the Artrage family!

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    cool, thanks I'll try to keep using different styles

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    I would quess the image entitled Slash is the one traced from a photo?

    Tracing is really not bad for practice. By loading a full photograph and then trying to fill in the colors you may gain some confidence and experience to use for settings with a model or reference that you try to paint using your own expression and techniques once you find something you like and intend to use as your identity.

    I took my first classes in art back around 1969 while in high school, an occupational education training school for half day sessions over a two year time frame, Commercial Art. In those days everything was manual, no computers.
    Back then my instructor would encourage tracing for practice by using an overhead projector. Place a photo under the projector and from the wall get your pencils out and start tracing an exploded view of the image.
    For the sake of faster productivity, such procedures were encouraged.

    Tracing is not all that bad a thing to do for practice or use with original photos or to create finished images. I have many times worked on pencil drawings in natural media and then scanned them onto computer, loaded them into a graphic arts program, and then used the scanned image as a lower layer while filling in colors on a higher level layer.
    I have a personally designed artwork gallery website at:
    There is one section full of pages there under the Digital Artwork category that is devoted entirely to paintings I have created with Art Rage.

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    Please do not call tracing cheating. It is a tool for learning. As you learn you will take those small steps to creating from your imagination. Just have fun using the tools at hand.

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