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Thread: Odd Airbrush

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    Odd Airbrush

    So I seem to have an issue using the airbrush that ends up only appearing when using smaller brush sizes. It looks like every so often a new stroke is started for a second at a larger brush size which makes it look like there are dots within my brush strokes. You will see below:

    I do not remember this being an issue and I don't seem to have this problem with other tools. Any ideas?

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    It could be that at smaller sizes that momentarily the position of the airbrush is catching up to the location it's rendering, so it manages to squeeze in another 'dab' of paint before moving on.

    If you need a consistent stroke, turn off the 'autoflow' toggle. That will ensure you get a flow consistent with the speed of movement of the tool.
    With 'autoflow' turned on, ArtRage swaps between applying paint continuously (when the brush is stationary or moving slowly) to 'filling in' if you do a fast stroke. I'm guessing that at the brush size you've chosen, you're moving at just the right speed, and updates are happening at just the right rate for the one extra dab of airbrush to hit the end of a short burst of filled-in stroke.

    If consitency along the stroke is important, switch off 'Autoflow'.
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    Thanks Andy I will take a look at this when I am at home in a bit.

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