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Thread: which tablet is best?

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    pelukis Guest

    which tablet is best?

    i am planing to buy a tablet for drawing. need advice for the best tablet for use with artrage. users experience comments will be helpful

    for artrage mods: is the software optimised for a particular tablet model?

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    Hey pelukis,

    I asked pretty much the same question about 2 weeks ago. You could probably find the posts if you scroll down a ways. I'll pass on the tips I was given. Wacom is the one you want, hands down. AR works great with it, as do PhotoShop & Painter, which come bundled with it in light versions. I didn't get advice soon enuf as to size and ordered a 9x12, which is more like 13x18 outside dimentions. So if space is an issue.... Also many of the folks recommended the 6x8 as being easier on your arm over the long haul. Also it's cheaper. I'm not sorry I got the bigger one, but I'm sure the 6x8 or 6x11 would have been just fine had I known. Also get the Intuos 3 as it's more sensitive. If you can afford it. Even a Graphire would be better than drawing with a mouse.

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    good luck,

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    Regarding the question of optimisation, we aimed to support a wide range of tablets when we were developing and testing ArtRage. While we didn't optimise it specifically for any tablet brand, we do tend to use the Wacoms here for the most part so it would be fair to say there've been a lot of test-hours on my part with a Wacom attached =)
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    pelukis, this thread may be helpful to you as well.

    - Gita

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