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Thread: opacity of line tracing images?

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    opacity of line tracing images?

    I don't know whether this would be easy to implement or not, but, in the case where a tracing image is simply a line drawing, would it be possible to have the line only show, and not the negative space?

    I know ArtRage looks at the tracing image as a whole, but when working with a line drawing, I have to toggle the tracing image on and off to see my color. Most of my drawing involves using guide images consisting of line art; I need the shape but not their color.

    once again, not a life or death matter..just wondering.


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    In the jargon of many other apps, this sounds like the tracing image should be in "multiply" mixing mode. So white areas of the tracing image are completely unaffeced, but dark areas of the tracing image show up darker. Unlike the current tracing image that lightens white areas and darkens dark areas by "normal" mixing math.
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    I can see the usefulness of this, and while I'm not a dev ( I do the ArtRage-breaking pre release instead =) ), I believe you may be right there and that different possible blend modes would give the effect you're after there. Thanks for the suggestion!
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