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Thread: My toon character...

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    like the cat looks good.

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    To Dickie:

    My avatar is actually a little doodle I inked on the first page of my Moleskin sketchbook. It had a little word balloon stating, "I am going out for coffee..." I use the sketchbook when I at a coffeeshop when I am in the big city.

    I have not set up a website yet but I do have a deviantArt account with more of my work including the two works I put here. Been getting great comments there. Here is my deviant link...

    To Selby:

    I paid special attention to her stripes. I cheated a bit here through PhotoShop. I took advantage to the layer export feature of ArtRage. I put the original stripes on its own layer, brought it in PhotoShop, duplicate the stripes layer, then I selected the one below, expanded the selection and painted it black with the top one red. I hope this does not put off some of the ArtRage purists, but hey! The PhotoShop export is immportant to me to keep the mechanical tools in PhotoShop and keep ArtRage clean.

    To the others thant for the compliments, I am proud of her. Hope to put more stuff up later.


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