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Thread: export layer(s) to png

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    export layer(s) to png

    It's been a while since I've been on the forums, but I still use ArtRage all the time. Thought I'd throw in a request that I *thought* I had seen before, but 2.5 still doesn't have the feature where I can find it.

    I really want a way to export one or all of the layers to PNG files. Yes, I know that this means only the color and alpha, and not the paint/wet/media information, but that's okay. ArtRage is my pencil board, and then I want to take a stack of penciled layers and work in other art tools with those sketch elements.

    By the way, ArtRage has saved my floor from a metric ton of eraser crumbs!
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    Erm, nevermind. The right-click-on-layer-icon has a menu choice that doesn't show up on the app's menu. Too quick on the draw. Carry on!
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