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Thread: Toggle for Zoom, Rotate, etc

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    Toggle for Zoom, Rotate, etc

    When pressing Z for zoom, it would be much more intuitive if pressing Z again returned you to the tool you were using before.

    I'm sure this could be added very easily

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    Note that you can also just use the modifier keys to zoom, pan, and rotate the canvas and friskets:
    Hmmm... just looking at them this is going to confuse you mightily... I'll have to have a word to the wally who wrote the keyboard modifiers!

    For the canvas:
    Left-click + spacebar = Pan the canvas
    Right-click + <shift> = zoom the canvas
    Right-click + <Alt> = rotate the canvas

    For Friskets:
    Left-click + spacebar = move the frisket
    Left-click + <ctrl> = rotate the frisket
    left-click + <alt> = zoom the frisket.

    Note also that right-click dragging moves both the canvas and the friskets.
    (Okay, so at least we got 'movement' consistent!)
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