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Thread: paint thinner and translucent pearl for the air brush???

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    paint thinner and translucent pearl for the air brush???

    I do real air brushing and I like to use artrage to try out my ideas before I do them in real life... but most of the time I cant because I cant spray transparent paint or use paint thinner with the airbrush.... I also do lots of layers often and I cant do those in art rage either... are these going to be comming soon in a upgrade of am I going to have to buy some corel or adobe program to do it? I really need these options so I can show my customers what something will look like before I put is on their $20,000 motorcycle...

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    ArtRage 2.5 Full edition has layers, and you can adjust the layer transparency of each layer.
    You can also reduce the flow of the ArtRage airbrush tool. Currently in ArtRage there isn't a way to reduce the applied transparency of the airbrush as you go, as you would in Photoshop.
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