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Thread: I am really thick.....

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    I am really thick.....

    ....when I purchased "Bamboo" I also got "photoshop" free, which is great - but- I am confused. :shock: Can you draw and paint with photoshop? If yes, then how do you get a fresh sheet of "paper"? ...or is it only for photos?... I've had it for 6 months and I can't figure it out . :cry: Please advise. thank you. ops:

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    Yes, you can. In Photoshop CS just go to file new and set the size of your canvas. PS is a great painting program too. You can even customize brushes, download brushes or create your own brushes. I am guessing you got Photoshop Elements in the bundle and not Photoshop CS.
    It is not quite the painting program that Adobe Photoshop CS is, but you can still do quite a bit. In Elements you click on the Start From Scratch icon and this will bring up the dialog box for the new canvas size. Then go to Window>swatches to bring up the colors palette. Grab a pencil tool or a brush tool and away you go. Hope that helps you get started.

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    ...Thank you very much for your answer!! :lol:

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