...or tablet pen tip response. I thought I'd update my purchased ArtRage (2.2), so I used the Check for Updates. IIRC, the installer in an instant finished the download, and when I clicked Install Now, it started downloading! (the full 2.5 installer .msi file), When I clicked Install Now and pointed it to my ArtRage 2.2 folder, it finished and I read the changes doc and started up 2.5.

I couldn't paint! Left mousebutton (and pen tip) became the right mouse button! (i.e., moved the canvas around / toggled panels - however left mousebutton worked fine in menus.)

So I filled out the form here and downloaded the 2.5 full installer manually, installed it, and it worked! (Version: 2.5.19.) So no real problem, just thought I'd mention it.

(Sorry if this has been posted before, it's my first visit here)

I must say the responsiveness from tablet input with various tools feels zippier, and I will put the stencil stuff to good use