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Thread: windows and mac registration

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    windows and mac registration

    i own a imac and wanted to purchase artrage. i have a question about registering the product. i sometimes will be in os x and other times in windows xp using boot camp, can i purchase the download edition and use the same registration code for both or do i have to buy the plus pack to do that ? is it even possible ?

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    You really need to purchase two licenses to run ArtRage under Windows and OSX.
    It costs Ambient Design to develop and maintain ArtRage for two platforms - more so than developing for just one. So our licensing policy reflects that. In addition there are different support issues on Windows and MacOSX - we need to pay someone to deal with support queries. We need to buy twice as much development and testing hardware and software. We need to subscribe to both Apple and Microsoft development support programs. And so on.
    When you're wanting to run ArtRage on two operating systems, you're leveraging a phenomenal investment at Ambient HQ for the creation and maintenance of ArtRage.

    In addition as a piracy prevention measure our update and registration server will be locked to only one of your hardware platforms based on your registration key. This will cause you problems when you try to update ArtRage in the future.
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