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Thread: Bug-report and some suggestions

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    Bug-report and some suggestions

    First of all i have to say that ArtRage 2 is just amazing, i haven't seen such a realistic paint simulation in any other program so far, i got my copy from the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet.
    I tried to color a manga lately and i noticed that it could be quite helpful to use the outlines as ruler-stencil to not paint over the edges, so i tried that out but there was a small problem, i did screenshots to show that.

    [See attachments]
    I.What i did first
    1. I took the outline and turned it into a stencil.
    2. Then i accessed the stencil dialog to invert it and set it to ruler mode.
    (If you have many stencils and you need to hide and unhide them frequently, it would be better if the dialog opened with the "Active"-panel selected; I did the stencil conversion by using the dialog to make sure i don't move it accidentally)

    II. The issue (Not really a big deal in fact)
    1. I painted with a big brush and a small felt-pen (small enough to not paint over the lineart). Then i set the blend mode to shadow i think and duplicated the layer to increase the contrast.
    2. You can notice that there always is a white "halo" located to right of the lines.
    3. The stencil is shifted to the right by default or it just funtions that way.

    It would be great if that could be changed in a future version or update, doing adjustments like that by hand can be a bit tricky. It also would be really amazing if there was an option to the ruler-mode that avoids color from running over such thin edges, that way there would be no need to use the small felt pen one could just run over the area with a huge brush :-) (but i have no idea how complex the algorithm for that would be, the ruler itself must have been difficult enough)

    There are tons of things that could be included, but this isn't a 300$-up-program and it would be nice if it stayed that way (the simplicity makes it also great for casual users), nevertheless i suggest two things:
    1. Lock-transparency-option for layers (would speed up the shading which normally is applied around edges, i used stencils for this so far, rather tedious if you make changes all the time)
    2. Select tool which allows the user to move, rotate and scale (non-proportional would be important) certain parts of groups or layers. (I tend to screw up proportions all the time, so that would be very helpful)

    Keep up the great work!
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    anime and manga coloring style usually is done with cell shading style and the use of screentones. These two things are something that artrage is not very well suited for.

    First of all on the inking,artrage cannot make very thin and thick lines.
    It doesnt support screentones,transform tool,bucket fill tool ,etc.

    If you want to do that kind of work,try out Sai. Its a japanese application that became very popular exactly because of the key feautures that make it perfect for anime style coloring:

    this is its english version.There is also a russian version somewhere

    -it supports vector layers for the inking
    -it has a water brush type of emulation that make it absolutely perfect for shading, something that artrage cannot do in that way,even with the knife.
    I think that if artrage devs are going to add aquarels,they would learn a lot from sai's water brush tools.

    sai is freeware software in beta phase- it has a 30 day trial which makes the users download its next betas.When it hits gold version,its going to cost 20-30 bucks.
    Its still very stable.I'd get it today,while its free

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    Thx for the hint but ArtRage is fine i think, of course it isn't laid out for this style but i encountered the same difficulties when i tried to paint my cat in a different style, so it would be nice if these things were changed.

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