Increase comments 2.6.06. (To rage team.)

Program developming. (Not error bug but program research future.)

I just start to thinking that many usefull needs and thoughts has come from users. Because all needs changes is maybe difficult to done one time i get the idea next.

1. Can you make list all maybe possibility changes and ideas what has on table.

2. Can you make web-page net-vote selection from register users to take part of that list work priority.

I think that this maybe help users to known what is coming maybe this year, maybe next year, and so on.

Also this program is clever because it is now enough simpple, so then all research needs is not maybe necessary.

Of cource this net-vote has one problem that if comes new ideas on table other program makers can take that idea? Company risk?

Just a idea.


Program is so good that it is little bit shame to write new needs, but, coupple hints i have on my mind.

:idea: :?:

1. Galligraph pencil.


Edit more.23.4.-06.

Is it possible to layer-box handling to develope import-layer command?

Now i use tracing-image and convert layer. Thas it ok process because sometimes need edit trace-image before convert layer. But those drawings with can import directly to layer .png format, then those drawings handling is much easyer if leyer-box is also import, not export command.

Other is this layer-box bug-problem when using lot of layers, change layer-order, and draw different layers . Sometimes it get mixed when use undo-arrow?

Mainly work fine and i start to use this program-tool at my daily-work.

Thanks, Rages, good program. Nice summer, hups, is it summer coming there, opposite of earth-ball? Anypath, nice future.