View Full Version : Layer brightness after import.

06-06-2006, 09:14 AM

There is a considerable brightness/contrast difference when you import a painting on a layer.

When I export a layer(png) and import it back (through tracing option) on another layer, it looks like there is an additional light source from middle-top position. Lighting on the strokes also gets affected.

Is this a bug or is there any other way not to get such thing?

Thanking you in anticipation.


06-06-2006, 09:20 AM

Just found out that strokes gets affected only when layer/paper opacity is set to zero.

Bightness/contrast difference still remains.
Its almost like 4 brighness and -4 contrast difference.(photoshop units)


06-06-2006, 12:33 PM
Hi Kart.
ArtRage uses a very different visual style than most other image editing packages. In most packages, the colours for each layer and pixel are just transfered 'as is' to the screen.
In ArtRage, we work as if all the colours are physically painted onto a surface. That surface has rounghness and texture of its own. We then apply a 3D lighting model to the result. The end result is similar to, but not the same as other packages.
In ArtRage, when you apply oil paint, it has *real* depth and lighting. It interacts with the *real* texture of the canvas.
So there will always be a difference between what you see in another package, and what you see in ArtRage.

Additionally, if you have metalic paints or metalic canvas, the effect is much more obvious, as the metalics interact with the lights much more.