View Full Version : ArtRage 2.5.16 Full Edition Available.

09-13-2007, 01:04 PM
We are pleased to announce the release of ArtRage 2.5.16 Full Edition, which contains a number of fixes for problems found in the previous version.

Copies of ArtRage 2 Full Edition can be updated to 2.5.16 using the Check For Updates option in the ArtRage help menu.

Changes and Fixes.

ArtRage now informs you if you are attempting to paint on a layer that is currently hidden, and prevents the paint being applied to avoid confusion.

Fixed a crash that could occur when resizing large canvases.

Fixed a bug that could cause a blank layer to be created when merging a hidden group.

The brush preview in the Tool Picker now updates correctly when you toggle lighting on/off with F5.

Prevented the ruler's angle from going negative.

Corrected the result of merging groups that existed within semi-opaque groups, the merged result is now at the correct opacity for the original group, not that of its semi-opaque parent.

Fixed a bug that was causing a print dialog to appear on Windows when pressing Alt and Shift in ArtRage.