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05-28-2006, 04:24 AM
Can anyone tell me how this software might compare with photoshop and Corel Painter? I am familiar with both. Or perhaps put it another way, can anyone who is familiar with the others pinpoint particular things they specially like about this software?

I am doing an online art course and a fellow student was using this. So I found you via Google and have just joined up cos I saw what a busy forum it is and I liked some of the artwork I saw very much.

I'm not particularly good - just keen, and impulsive! :)

Yours expectantly


Aged P
05-28-2006, 04:54 AM
Hi Sophie,

In a nutshell, for me Artrage is more like real painting than either of the others. It acts just like real paint, which I have used for 50 years.

In England, Artrage is 13.09 at today's exchange rate, Corel just offered me Painter with a saving of 150.

All the best bits of the rival products seem to have been written by the guys who wrote ArtRage.

Photoshop and Painter do contain features which at times are better then ArtRage. But the sheer mental weight of patent numbers, dockers, menus, palettes, palettes of palettes, menus of menus of palettes, palettes which have broken free and hidden under the keyboard, all send me diving head first into the nearest bottle of wine!

If you could add "obsessive" to your CV. You would fit in here immediately.

05-28-2006, 07:06 AM
Thanks Aged P for your prompt reply. I freely admit to 'obsessive' too.

Your description of all the palettes is very apt though some of them, like the brush tracker in Painter, are useful. It allows you to click back onto any recently used brush with its customised settings. Anyway, I think I will have a go rather than ask lots more questions about brush strokes etc.

Just one more question. Painter frequently crashes when pushed to various limits, unlike Photoshop which is much more stable. Any particular problems here?

Thanks again


Aged P
05-28-2006, 08:14 AM
I have been with Artrage from Version 1.

During the Beta testing of Version 2 it crashed once and was mended within a day.

I truly cannot remember it ever crashing in everyday use, under XP.

On the other hand, when playing pass the parcel beteen Corel and Photoshop things can come unstuck. As I'm sure you know, Corel produces a default picture the size of Western Europe. If I absent mindedly hand this to PS, un-modified, it will often result in a stunned and sulky silence, this can go on for some minutes. They also rush about, saving copies, in a rather panic stricken way and warn me that it may well all end in tears. Many times they have stopped the computer completely and, presumably, gone off for a drink together!.

05-28-2006, 10:56 AM
Hehe. Oh that last bit made me giggle, Aged P.

05-28-2006, 08:49 PM
As the dev team tell us, ArtRage is meant to complement the tools you mentioned, not replace them. Now, that said...

I have an aging PC with 512MB RAM. When I launch Photoshop, I usually walk away from the computer to do something and find it open when I return. Same with Painter. Now, I have to use Photoshop for work, but otherwise, I'd rather not have to deal with its serious resource gluttony. When I want to doodle, AR2 loads in a couple seconds and is incredibly responsive if I don't push the resolution of the image or the size of the brush too high.

At its price point and resource usage, I think that ArtRage offers unparalleled simulation of real, traditional media. Its simplicity belies the power hidden beneath its intuitive interface and minimal clutter.

In the end, ArtRage is just a tool like any other; but its GUI, nominal resource usage (and Andy will be further optimising its memory management), and price make it accessible to a more diverse demographic than the higher-end, more expensive offerings in this class of software. I mean, some of our forum members are using AR in their classrooms, with little kids. Can you imagine children trying to figure out Painter or Photoshop? Yet no one would call AR a toy; one has only to see the brilliant pieces posted to this forum to appreciate AR's versatility.

By all means, give the free version a try. It's not all that different from the full version, and has more than enough functionality to help you make a decision.

Oh, and welcome to the forums, Sophie. =]

- Gita

05-30-2006, 03:08 AM
Thanks Gita and Aged P so much for your encouraging and warm response. I thought the price was so good I purchased the newest full version (ArtRage 2) and have been playing and getting used to the way it behaves for the last couple of days. It is very logical and easy so far.

First impressions: one thing that struck me is the smooth responsiveness between the stylus and the canvas on screen. While I love the Painter watercolours, I am driven mad trying to get the brush strokes to either catch up with me or to go in the right direction. But Painter watercolours do have a fantastic translucency.

I find colour management in ArtRage a little maddening. I can only premix colours on the canvas itself, as far as I can see, using the brush and palette knife combined.

My Digital Art class (run by Lvsonline.com) wants us to modify colours by using umbers and siennas etc and not by adding black or white or playing with sliders of hue/sat. etc. Otherwise the colours end up looking muddy.

What would be brilliant here would be a proper artist's palette with all the traditional named colours. At the moment I have to use the Internet to find out the RGB code of the colour I want and feed this into ArtRage.

With all that said, I simply love the interface. :) :)

Any thoughts from the programme makers about the possibility of an artist's palette or a premix space?



PS to Gita: I have a PC with 512 MB of RAM and it copes fine with PS CS2 but not with Painter which frequently crashes if I use big watercolour brushes.