View Full Version : ArtRage 2.5.15 Update Available.

08-08-2007, 12:31 PM
We have just uploaded the update to ArtRage 2.5.15 Full Edition for Windows and OSX. ArtRage 2.5.15 Full Edition fixes a number of problems found after the release of ArtRage 2.5 (version 2.5.13) and is available now via the Kagi store for new customers, the ArtRage installer download page, and by running ArtRage and selecting 'Check For Updates Online' from the Help menu.

The 2.5.15 update contains the following changes and fixes to the product:

Application Changes.

- Changed the system for loading Colour Swatches and Paper Grains on OSX: The file dialog that was used to load the files could not navigate in to the ArtRage application bundle. Because we installed all of the sample colour swatches and custom grains in to the application bundle, you couldn't load them. So, the application now copies those files to the Application Support / Resources folder the first time it needs them and allows access as per OS expectations.

- Changed the Windows installer so that in the ArtRage 2 folder in the Start Menu, the shortcuts to the manual files are inside a Manuals folder rather than all lumped in the main folder.

Bug Fixes.

- Fixed a bug that caused problems when using Undo after changing a paper grain. Paper grain issues could cause a crash, the grain changes are now correctly stored in the Undo system.

- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in Quicktime on OSX 10.4.10 on some machines when loading the internal metallic environment map.

- Fixed a rendering problem with the 'Replace' Bump Blend Mode that could cause blocky artifacts around bump on low opacity layers.

- Fixed a bug that would cause ArtRage to display 'UNLICENSED' in the about box for users who had installed previous versions.

- Fixed a bug that would cause the menu bar and toolbox to open in an odd position when restarting ArtRage after hiding the panels.

- Fixed an error that could occur on exporting a layer as a PSD file.

- Pressing F6 to show/hide stencils now checks to see whether most are already shown/hidden and makes the majority confirm to the minority first.

- Fixed a Windows installer bug that prevented French and German versions from displaying the License file when installing ArtRage.

- Fixed a bug that could cause the paper grain to fail to update when reloading a Painting file on OSX, the grain in the file could be replaced by the default.

- Fixed the German localisation, An and Aus from the tool control toggles were inverted.

- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while copying a layer on OSX 10.3.9.

- Fixed a bug that would invert the colours in copied layers on the clipboard on OSX Intel.

- Fixed a bug that prevented ArtRage recognising Canvas Size presets if there was no Canvas Size folder in its local Presets folder, even if there was one in the Application Support location.

- Fixed a crash bug that could occur on merging groups.