View Full Version : House on a Hill

06-12-2007, 09:45 AM
I'm open to suggestions, my 1st attempt(2nd actually but the 1st was just sky). Still testing everything in ArtRage and my new tablet. I don't think the house looks right, maybe I'm trying to make it too perfect. :?

06-12-2007, 05:42 PM
Hi Tracyf79 - I think that you have a good start here, The house doesn't look right for a couple of reasons. First you need to check perspective. If the house is up on a hill you will be looking up at it somewhat, so you will see some of the underside of the overhang. That's my second point, the roof looks to be the same size as the walls. Roofs should be wider and longer than the house to provide the overhang. Because it is so far in the distance, you don't need much detail - just a silhouette actually - with the right shapes.
You can also consider some shading, on the trees and the ground. Figure out where you want the sun to be and put in appropriate and consistent shading.
Hope that helps.