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06-10-2007, 09:13 AM
I decided to show how this work was made because I like the first two stages more than the final one. :)

06-10-2007, 09:16 AM
Oops! They're in the wrong order! The last one is actually the last :D

06-11-2007, 06:36 AM
Hi Nika

I allready told you how much I admire your style.
This one is another great example of your loose painterli style and technique.
Hot choice of color, all very nice.
I especially like the background - the curtain/glass tiles in the back and the blue (window?). I actually like the last one the most, but they'r all nice.

Thank you for sharing a few example steps in your creation. Would you reveal a little more about your methods?
Which tools with what settings do you use?
What is the size/type of your canvas?
Do you work layers?
How do you get your ideas? From photo-ref/real life?
How do you pick colours?
From the rough colored version to the 'final' version - did you use only knife or do you also use oil brush with say instant dry?

Best regards,

As a last note:
All of your image names show up on my screen as '& # 1080 ; & # 1088 ; & # 1080 ; & # 1089;6.jpg' (spaces added by me). I guess it has to do with character sets. You could try to use som plain ascii characters or just numbers.

06-11-2007, 07:29 AM
Nika, thanks for sharing those. beautiful work.

06-12-2007, 02:26 AM
Hi Gzairborne. Thanks for your comment :)

Hi DoodLS. Thanks for nice comment and the interest in my work.
I don't think I'll reveal any secrets because I have a free version of ArtRage and I have been painting here about two months. So the tools are quite simple.
I use basic paper and don't use layers. In general the process looks like painting in real life. The first stage is a sketch (pencil) where I try to outline shadows. and light. The second is a rough painting with a brush (width 50%, Pressure 40%, loading 40%.) and outline the main colour marks to see the picture as a whole. I don't use a palette knife at this stage. Then I make the image more detailed. I gradually diminish the width of the brush and the palette knife. Colours are blended on the spot.
As you can see there's nothing special about the work.
What about the ideas? I mostly get them from my mind. Sometimes I use the photos to look at (but I don't trace images).
All my images have so strange look because I add an attachment and simple don't know how to give names to them. So you can see just a link :D