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06-02-2007, 09:38 AM
Not too sure that it recreates the atmosphere I wanted to express now...maybe too much details. I'd be sorry to dump it, though. There are 8 layers at least, so I can erase and redo almost every single thing...any suggestion?

06-02-2007, 09:50 AM
I like it very much. It's so cute. :) There's no too many details at all. I'd even add more details to the wolf on he left.

06-02-2007, 10:14 AM
I have 2 large dogs who do this all the time. I'd suggest a little pink around the lower jaw of the white wolf for mouth color.

06-02-2007, 10:44 AM
Friends, I'm glad you like it, but it's far from being finished! I'm just not too sure of the back and foreground and what to do from now on... :roll:

06-02-2007, 06:00 PM
Personally, I would not have anything in front of the dogs (wolves?). The mid ground trees look ok, (maybe too many scribbled little branches) and I would just scruff in a fuzzy distance of trees, hills, whatever. I think that that the clearest focus should be on the dogs, particularly their faces, if they are to be your subject.

06-03-2007, 10:36 AM
Dumped it. I just didn't like it from the beginning. Thank you jvolkel, your hints were really helpful today!

06-03-2007, 12:04 PM
It looked finished to me and it would stand alone without correction as a pretty darned nice piece. Maybe getting away from it for a period will help. Please don't totally trash it. I liked it alot and so did others. There are some awesome brush strokes in there and great colors. You don't have to be so hard on your own work. It really is spendid.

06-03-2007, 12:24 PM
Man, you're too kind! I was just testing a scene I had in mind...they don't even look like wolves! Look, the one on the left resembles a big cat and the other one...a sheep! Yes, it's a sheep! What a shame for a wannabe wolf... :D

Thank you!

06-03-2007, 12:35 PM
The artwork is good.

D Akey
06-03-2007, 12:36 PM
That's a great nuzzle!

06-03-2007, 12:40 PM
...searches on word reference...digits nuzzle...

a nose rub!

I learned a new word today, thank you D Akey!

D Akey
06-03-2007, 01:55 PM
...searches on word reference...digits nuzzle...

a nose rub!

Hah. Yeah, and really useful if you have English speaking animals. :lol:

How do you say it in Italian?

06-04-2007, 01:53 AM
Uhm...I really don't know, sometimes it's easier to find words in other languages than in my own. Yeah I know it sounds strange...

Anyway a translation for rub is "strofinata", which is utterly ugly in my opinion. We miss the nose (naso) and rub altogether.