View Full Version : Artrage Vitae mobile bugs on a Samsung Note 8

05-19-2021, 10:40 PM
ArtRage Vitae jumping longpress colour picking bug


Using a Samsung Note 8, when long press colour picking is activated in settings the colour sampler jumps from its previous position to the new one, the colour picking works fine but is more of a cosmetic issue

ArtRage Vitae rotation and canvas reset bug


Running ArtRage Vitae on a Samsung Note 8, rotating the screen with canvas resetting to landscape canvas orientation on 2 finger canvas reset

ArtRage Vitae oil brush not remembering size above 100%


Using a Samsung Note 8, when setting the oil brush to above 100 percent and then moving to the colour picker and back again the Oil brush size resets to 100 perecent. Sizes below 100 percent are remembered