View Full Version : looking for a sticker spray or brush to easily draw palm tree leaves

03-19-2021, 04:19 PM
New to Artrage. I am using Artrage 6. I had downloaded and installed many sticker spray and other resources available out there
None includes something that can speed up painting coconut tree leaves. Thanks in advance

03-20-2021, 02:40 AM
Hi anidil21!

It is not verry difficult to create Stickers on your own, if you can't find what you are searching for. You just need to paint the brushhead you want on a transparent ground (you can even take photographs for that) and export it as a PNG (png supports transparency). You should paint it in red, because in that case it will be possible to paint with the brushhead, with exactly the colours you pick up with the Colour Picker/Colour Samples (related to the colour wheel). Red is the reference colour. Then open the "Sticker Sheets" panel (menu "View") and click on "New" at the top of the panel. You will get a new panel, where you should first name your brush. You can also create a new "Group" for your own brushes. Then click on the square under "Colour" to search for your brushhead-image, you painted before. You don't need to do much more, except clicking "OK". If you want to know what the other options in this panel are for, just test it out. You will find your new brush then in the "Sheet"-menu of the "Sticker Spray" settings, in the "Tool Settings" panel.

If you want an animated brush, that means a brush that changes its form while you are painting, create a sheet with varying brushheads. Those brushheads have to be sorted on a sheet, like on a spreadsheet. To add it to your repertoire in ArtRage you must load the sheet as described above and devide the brusheads with the sliders for "Columns" and "Rows" at the bottom of the "New Sticker Sheet" panel.

The behaviour of all sticker brushes can be adjusted with the "Spray Variation" settings (in the "Tool Settings" panel).

03-20-2021, 03:09 AM
Hello and welcome anidil21. It may be a little confusing at first to make your own stickers so I have made some simple stickers of palm fronds to get you started.

Just click on the package after you have downloaded it and it will open ArtRage ready for installation. If you don't like them it is easy to delete them from your folder.


03-23-2021, 05:10 PM
Thank you both. Really appreciate.