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07-14-2020, 05:05 AM
Hi everybody!

Don't know if anyone demands something like that, but some years ago, I started some Experiments with Halftones in ArtRage, because when I was young, I used to work a lot with Letraset-Rasters. So at first I created some Stencils for it and built a huge amount of it. Unfortunally they are to big to upload the stuff here. Than I found out, that it is possible to use Canvases for it. So I made some, created some special Tool-Presets to paint on it and finally built a Package with this Stuff to upload it here today. Maybe there are some Graphics Enthusiasts, Roy-Liechtenstein- or Comic-Fans who like it. Unfortunately it's a bit complicated, but maybe the Developers will be inspired by it to create a new Function for ArtRage, that makes it easier. Maybe a Brush that is able to paint static Rasters with varying Percentage Rasters.

To work with it, I use to create seperate Layers for each Raster, and I assign a Canvas to the Layer by right-clicking on the certain Layer and than click on "Edit Layer Texture". Than I choose the Raster-Canvas I want. There are 9 different Canvases - from 10% to 90% - and four Tool-Presets, that are made to paint on this Canvases. Than I choose one of the Presets (I prefer the one for the Custom Brush) and paint on the Canvas.

Hope the Package works and it's useful for someone!

Stay creative

07-16-2020, 03:55 AM
Thank you! I'm enjoying my experiments with these textures.

07-16-2020, 05:23 AM
Nice to read this. Thank you sueellen!

07-18-2020, 12:39 AM
Some additional informations: You can easily create such halftone-textures by yourself, using GIMP (Open Source Image Editing Software). There is a Filter called "Newsprint" in the "Filters"-Menu under "Warp". It also allows to create halftone-hatches and diamond dots. You just need to create layers in greyscales with different percentage. You can also drag gradients in greyscales across a layer and apply the "Newsprint"-Filter to it. And if you apply the Filter "Color to Alpha" (Menu "Colors") to it, you can easily remove all white pixels from it to create stencils outoff it. In that case you should export the image as a PNG (*.png), to preserve the transparency.

As I said above, my halftone-stencils are to big to upload a bigger amount of samples here. The advantage of the halftone stencils is that you can change the angle of the raster lines, but it is not easy to create seamles patterns if you need more than one stencil for bigger areas. The halftones canvases are seamless but limited, because you can't change the angle.

07-19-2020, 05:14 PM
esta genial muchas gracias :)

07-20-2020, 05:11 AM
Youre verry welcome, cris77! Please excuse, that I can't answer in spanish, because my spanish is even worse than my english.