View Full Version : Manually rotating a tracing image?

04-15-2020, 06:18 AM
I was thinking would be great if the tracing image can be rotated manually. Just like manually resizing it...

07-05-2020, 02:06 AM
I thought that. It would be useful feature to keep a tracing image separate. But you can always just import an image file to layer, drop the opacity and use it that way. That frees up the ability to use the transform tools on the image.

08-31-2021, 05:11 AM
Yeah, manually resizing images is a must-have here. Sometimes images are just too big to download and you can't even resize them to look good. I think that this option should be added in the future. The same story is with rotating...can't say that it's smth extraordinary which should be avoided. I think that everyone should be able to resize an image (https://depositphotos.com/upscaler.html) manually the way he wants it. At least, I saw that feature on other software similar to Artrage and it was really comfy for the users. Otherwise I should always use image services and provide urls to them which is not that cool. Please, think about adding these features...it's gonna be a good change!