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03-20-2020, 08:33 AM
I finished an image of a sparrow on a branch. I wanted to place a ground behind it. It took me some time, but, I finally managed to place a photograph that I took of a group of trees with dead leaves still on them behind the sparrow . The leaves color was a match to the sparrow, great, right? I pulled the layer under the bird and it was done. The problem, I have no idea as to how I managed it. I just kept playing around until, like magic, it worked.
So, can someone detail how to move photos on to a layer that can be used with an image ? I think you only have one try through layers to move photos from iPhoto to the NEW blank canvas. I will search this issue, but, if you can help thanks.9880898809
Another try at something new for me, hope this works. The bird would go over the tree photo.
What I am doing here is trying to get images from my samples and put them onto a separate layer, or, move a photo onto a separate layer along with a sample image, both to be used to create a combined image.