View Full Version : Feature Request: Stylus Pressure control of Custom Brush Grain Intensity

02-13-2020, 06:45 AM
Currently the custom brush "grain" (not to be confused with the canvas grain interaction of the custom brush called grain amount.... [maybe these two things should have a different name in the controls/UI]) has a number of settings like size, progression, size with brush, and rotate with brush...

I would like to see a new option:

"Grain Pressure Fade" (0-100)

as well an


toggle check option.

This would allow one to have the Custom Brush grain intensity vary with pressure... e.g. fade with pressure, or the opposite if "invert" is selected. (setting to 0 and no invert would exhibit existing grain which does not respond to pressure)

Possible implementation: With a setting of 0 "Fade" grain appears at 100 percent intensity for all pressures. With a setting of 100 "Fade", grain varies from 100% intensity (at low pressures) to 0 at some point very early in the pressure curve. This allows simulation of broken "contact" (appearance of grain) according to a light touch while heavier contact creates more even (no grain .. i.e. filled 100% bitmap) laying of paint. If the "Fade" option is reduced, the pressure point at which the grain has no intensity increases, and at low values max pressure still generates grain at some intensity although faded... of course setting lower and lower fade results in less and less fade with even the greatest pressure until at 0 fade, the point of no fading is reached.

Invert would invert the process... Inverted at 0 "Fade" there would be no grain ever, but at "100", grain would vary from 0 intensity (flat filled 100% bitmap) at 0 pressure to full 100 percent grain intensity at some point early in the pressure curve.. etc.

Hopefully this would be simple to implement... I think the effect it could create is quite powerful for the user.